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M&I supply chain management (Shanghai) co., LTD. Is a brand new logistics enterprise specialized in road cargo transportation, railway, air cargo transportation business and one-stop service of distribution, storage and transportation.Over the years, shanghan company based in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, continuous development, in the fierce competition has undergone numerous tests.Today's shanhan will be a new concept of service, quality service quality dedicated to the general customer service.

· passed the international iso9001:2000 quality management system certification

· the highest honor in China's logistics industry: China logistics integrity enterprise

· won the model enterprise of "credit, contract and quality" issued by China credit evaluation research center and national market credit construction organization committee

· member of China enterprise association of logistics industry

· member enterprises of Shanghai enterprise federation and Shanghai entrepreneur association

· member enterprise of Shanghai dangerous goods transport association

· awarded as "Chinese brand" enterprise by China international brand association

· awarded the "best chemical logistics enterprise in China" by the Chinese government

· the first logistics consulting enterprise in China

· awarded as China's third-class logistics and accommodation consulting enterprise in 2000

· member of China logistics association

· director and member of guangzhou logistics association

· the organizer of logistics magazine

Brand new service concept

Open 24 - hour freight service line, the goods to us, absolutely efficient, accurate, cheap.

You only need one phone call, everything need not worry!

Three great satisfaction

· the price is satisfactory!

· satisfactory service!

· time to your satisfaction!

M&I supply chain management (Shanghai) co., LTD    地址:上海市青浦区盈港路453号港隆国际大厦18楼     电话:021-59789788
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