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In 1995, we established M&I supply chain management (Shanghai) co., LTD.After 20 years of development, we now own M&I and over 10 affiliated enterprises.

We grow because we are a strong team.Make concerted efforts to climb.We strive for moderation in every step and know that there is still a long way to go.

We are growing because we have a growing number of loyal customers, and in an age of diminishing technological differences, enterprise value is equal to the sum total of customer relationship value.Our loyal customer base is our most valuable asset.Understanding and listening to loyal customers, contacting and serving loyal customers are the source and foundation of our business.

We are strong because we grew up in the era of rapid economic development in China. It is the social responsibility and mission of enterprises to take the society, repay the society, create opportunities and grow together.It enables us to always adhere to the enthusiasm and perseverance when starting a business, and make it clear that the company must maintain and strive to become the leader in the industry.

Looking forward to the future, to become the best industry, sustainable operation of the modern company.And for every employee to provide a noble career stage and decent life security, is our vision, in order to achieve this goal, we have to redouble our efforts.

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