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Slogan: Quick Service All the Time
Vision: People-oriented, being the best in the industry; object-oriented, making Sanho with brilliant future.
Concept: Honest, Responsible, Respect, Perfect, Integrity, Trust, independence
Aim: Seek solution for customers and satisfy customers’ demands
Spirit: Keep forward courageously, without giving up
Mission: Respect customers, work with confidence, seek customers’ satisfaction, staff oriented, excellent sustainable management and operation, serving to society.

Value of Talents: Excellent talents are the source of superior corporation
Talent is the key to corporation development
Set appropriate platform and effective mechanism support to help all staff move forward with our group.

Quality Policy
Strict management to improve service level;
Honest operation to meet customers requirements.

Corporate Colors:Red + Green
Red: Enthusiasm, Good Fortune, Vitality
Green: Security, Comfort, Friendly Environment

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